Where's Your Data?

If you use:




your data could be in data-centers in Washington, Arizona, Texas, Michigan, Utah or in another country!

When was the last time you needed to restore your data?

How old are your hard drives?

Could you recover your data from a catastrophic failure?

FACT: Hard drives carry a 3 year shelf life, and SSD hard drives fail even faster.


We recently helped a client restore files that were accidentally deleted. The recovery software they were running stopped backing up months ago. We downloaded a 2 month old Amazon Web Services S3 bucket containing 1.6tb of data. It took 3 days to download on a 100mbps fiber optic connection. They're a $60 million/year company. Those 3 days of downtime cost them roughly


How much would 3 days of down time cost your business?


Did you know most remote backup service companies DO NOT manage their own servers?

Most of them operate from other cloud providers like Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, etc. They are basically a middle man with ZERO infrastructure!

What makes us different?

We build and manage ALL of our servers to deliver the HIGHEST PERFORMANCE backup and restore services  you will find ANYWHERE... PERIOD!

We give you more than simply remote backup storage. We help you create business continuity and a disaster recovery plan for your entire organization.


We backup all your data to our company servers located right here in Sacramento, California. No need to wait days or longer to restore your files after a system crash.

You can walk in to one of our locations and walk out with your data!

We Deliver a Fast and NO Hassle Restoring Process.

We are not Amazon. We are not marketing to the entire world. Our goal is to be the best cloud storage provider in Sacramento. 

Again, unlike a big company, with us you will not sacrifice quality and that one-on-one attention you need after a hard drive crash or server failure.


FACT: Google, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft and many other tech companies troll your data, apps and internet history to sell ads based on your digital profile. We NEVER access your data, or share it with outside parties. It’s your data, you decide what to do with it!


Are you ready to take back control of your data?

Please sign up and we will contact you within 2 business days to discuss your remote backup and disaster recovery needs.

If you prefer to talk with someone over the phone, please call us at (916) 470-4369 during regular business hours.